OpenDrives makes high performance data storage a reality for our customers using our unique combination of hardware and software. Our customers range from Hollywood blockbusters, to medical imaging specialists, to academia, and everything in between. At OpenDrives we are building next-generation data storage solutions for high-performance workflows.

We’re seeking exceptional Software Developers, Platform Maintainers, QA Engineers, and DevOps Specialists to help build our software applications and platform. Ultimately, team members who drive the future of the next generation of OpenDrives Technology – continuing our journey to be the undisputed leader in data storage technology.

Who are we looking for? Those that fit within our main principles of engineering culture.

  • Empowerment - Bring your talent and voice to the team.
  • Effectiveness - You know how you work best. Pick the right tools. Work iteratively. Ship it.
  • Empathy - Nobody is a robot, take care of yourself, and each other.

Do you resonate with our ideals? Can you quickly master new technologies? Do you have a curiosity for technology? Perfect! You may be a great fit for us.


You don't give up at the first obstacle – you’re committed and see it through to completion.

You're a communicative problem solver, pragmatic, methodical, and team oriented.

You’re Your programming is robust because you keep an eye out for details and think about the product holistically.

You're curious enough to explore new technology, but know what's sizzle and what's steak.

You're adept at balancing the priorities of meeting deadlines, delivering well-designed systems in the long-term, and having a life.

You're a self-starter and entrepreneur, with a passion for technology.


Instead of describing which positions we are hiring for, here are the technologies we work with. You do not need to know all these things to apply.


  • Shell, bash, make, sh, ksh, zsh, and the like
  • In-depth understanding of linux and the kernel in both troubleshooting and development
  • Working knowledge of distribution-specific userland organization, packaging and distribution
  • Ability to build packages from source, cross compile, and troubleshooting build-time and run-time errors.
  • Expert knowledge of C, C++ or Rust, and solid foundations in systems programming
  • Proficiency with scripting languages like Python, TCL, Perl, etc
  • Experience with bridging platform tools and utilities to Javascript, preferably using tools like Neon with Rust
  • Experience with troubleshooting and fixing issues in complex systems

Infrastructure and Process

  • Microservices Architecture
  • git, gitlab
  • JIRA
  • Markdown, ASCIIDoc
  • Ansible, Terraform
  • Slack, Email

Bonus Points

  • AWS S3, Microsoft Azure, or other cloud integrations
  • PCS, Corosync, Clustering Technologies
  • Lustre, ZFS, and SMB/NFS
  • JavaScript
  • HIPAA, DARPA compliance frameworks
  • AI, ML, Data Science or Engineering


We have some awesome perks for you if you wanna work with us.

  • Awesome vacation policy and flexible schedule
  • Great health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Hybrid remote/office work, or full remote depending on your situation
  • Work with modern tools and Nate!
  • Salary Range: $120 - $160K, depending on seniority and skill set